Realtime optimization:
predictive and preventative


Manage an enterprise portfolio, make more effective decisions with several different systems from one secure cloud-based application

Working digital copy of the building to allow Kterio to understand the building, read and write back to devices, alter and manage parameters, create reports, develop new protocols, optimize performance, risk and budget manage and to provide customer specific and anonymized data for analytic tools

XenaBI™ integrates complex sources of data seamlessly from invoice data, energy consumption, system performance, maintenance, asset registers and sustainability enabling users to better understand their systems


Edge tech gateway CirraBI™ is an industry programmable 4G cellular gateway providing the most advanced set of edge and cloud APIs, a secure embedded application framework and a tight integration to the cloud

Energy cost
Mitigate energy pricing risk by combining multiple energy procurement options, conducting comparisons, and analyzing long term costs

performance & reliability

Monitor system performance and reliability by gaining a holistic view of the infrastructure’s performance across enterprises, from the building envelope to individual equipment and meters
Sustainability improvements
Achieve sustainability targets through comprehensive energy usage, greenhouse gas inventory, and total CO2 emissions data over time and across buildings
Operational costs reduction
Reduce operational costs and increase asset efficiency improving scheduled maintenance and increasing asset life


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