remote support
by specialist engineers 24x7 / 365

The Smart Service Center (SSC) manages all user interactions to accelerate incident resolution while minimizing engineers involvement and support costs

Our remote monitoring and proactive approach automates many of today’s manual tasks, and by leveraging the power of analytics and proactive tools, SSC automates all of the systems within the building and applies diagnostics to proactively identify and resolve performance-related issues

24x7 / 365 days per year
We have years of experience in providing the highest quality end user support through multiple channels and automated transactions, resulting in high resolution and satisfaction rates for our clients
We have also fully embraced the digital transformation, providing biometrics and artificial intelligence in all of our support solutions
SSC identifies improvement measures and implement them remotely to take a proactive maintenance approach to your entire facility, from the equipment and devices to the server and field panels, for a comprehensive approach to overall system health and efficiency

Over the past 10 years and most recently buildings are growing increasingly complex, with both an influx of available data to analyze and increasingly sophisticated occupant expectations for the building experience, cleanliness, health and safety of every building

Most buildings still rely on aging infrastructure and at the same time, building owners, portfolio managers and facility managers demand increased system reliability and uptime over the lifecycle of assets and systems.
All these complexities affect system performance and maintenance costs. And amid these pressures and changes, too many organizations embrace an outdated, reactive service and maintenance program, due to: 1. A lack of resources and touchpoints – which leads to an inability to continuously monitor all facilities equipment, leaving facilities only to react to unexpected failures and downtime 2. A lack of capital funding for repairs which creates a backlog of deferred maintenance and a range of performance issues throughout the building

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