"digital twin"
data model


A streamlined approach to managing your building systems and IoT better.

If you’re for looking for ease of system/device connectivity, the CallistoBI™ operating system offers fluid integration for your building systems and devices. Don’t waste your money investing in different systems that won’t work well together

Kterio development team members are experts in creating drivers and software solutions to ensure simple and secure connectivity. We support MQTT as a protocol to receive data from IoT devices. Our centralized solution focuses on building operations and efficiency, linking data from different sources: building, equipment, assets, devices, and structure.


CallistoBI™ make data more readily available throughout your organization and enables non-developers to create and maintain advanced, interconnected ecosystems of tools.


Instead of purchasing many different systems, CallistoBI™ operating system for buildings is more like a “windows operating system” with the potential to easily connect as many systems/devices available. Buildings require integrations (sometimes custom, complex ones) to connect different systems/devices.


It’s certainly possible to connect different systems and stand-alone products through integrations, but the quality and dependability of those one-off product-to-product integrations can easily suffer as you add more into the mix


Once the software enters CallistoBI™ it will be re-engineered into a common language, retagging each selected usable point


Each tag is structured to have a number of additional fields to store granular device data that will include OEM data (manufacturer, type, serial number)
Step 3
These tags will be structured systematically to allow any number of user interfaces (UIs) to access the central database to analyze device performance metrics.


An optimizer will select the most effective subset of all of the identified points that are available that will form the digital twin of the building.


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