energy costs and carbon emissions
by up to 20%

Energy Efficiency

Effortlessly improve energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and drive down energy costs

Using the data from your buildings, Kterio optimizes building equipment, identifies a reduction in costs, carbon emissions, and risk, ensuring the efficient use of energy consumption


Continuous optimization

Reduce your building’s energy consumption through ongoing optimization cycles

Improved reliability

The reliability of your equipment and controls will increase


Your real estate environmental emissions will be reduced

Energy management

By monitoring and having transparency, you can manage your energy costs efficiently

Our environmental management support complies with international and industry-specific environmental standards and guidance, such as ISO 50001 certification

Digital services

Energy monitoring

Back up your energy program with real metrics and improvements

Energy monitoring

Energy Monitoring provides customers with transparent energy consumption data.
Main meter data is collected, sent to our platform, and regularly analyzed by Kterio to identify consumption patterns, abnormalities and to identify opportunities to save energy


Identify components of the building that lead to potential energy savings


Kterio will inspect energy-related technical infrastructure, analyze building usage patterns and compare values with customer requirements and comfort expectations. The resulting energy audit report offers valuable insights on potential savings and how they can be achieved

Energy budgeting & forecasting

Utility budget and forecasting to enable budgetary forecasting

Energy budgeting & forecasting

The intention of this module is to provide you with meaningful data regarding actual performance compared to a budgeted energy situation in your building. The data is instrumental in controlling energy costs
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Utility management

Transparency for utilities to improve energy use

Utility management

Utilities need to be compensated for providing electricity, water, gas, and other services to the building. Where the commercial building houses more than one tenant, utility costs need to be split in a fair manner.

Real estate benchmarking

Data-driven portfolio performance

Real estate benchmarking

Understanding space utilization across an entire portfolio empowers Corporate Real Estate to compare and benchmark sites or regions with industry peers. This in turn provides the means to track utilization goals and notice trends across the portfolio


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