Full transparency and control
over many complex systems

The Digital Twin is a data-driven digital model of a facility/building
Your building data is collected, analyzed, and visualized in our cloud-based software platform. Get a real-time understanding of how: – assets are performing – enables immediate adjustment to optimize efficiency – provides information to make better decisions on replacement assets – how to improve building performance
Make your Real Estate portfolio management simple and transparent Captured data drives the services and applications which provide the insights and outcomes to make better operational and capital expenditure decisions
Data driven virtual representation of a building
Transparency across asset lifecycle
Optimal control over the environment
Create any number of applications with low effort

Kterio Digital Twin specializes in mapping of data between structure of the building and operational data

It is clearly focusing on building operations and efficiency, linking data from different sources: building, equipment and structure in one application.
We support MQTT as a protocol to receive data from IoT devices, our development team are experts in creating drivers and software solutions to ensure simple and secure connectivity

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