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Understanding cyber security practices and tactics for effectively defending against hazards in the digital world
Digital data and operations are already at the core of most modern organizations, and this trend is only increasing. But with this reliance on connected and computerized systems comes a variety of cyberthreats. These risks may be internal, originating with employees and contractors. They may be external, the result of activity by cybercriminals or even your own customers
We have a secure APN (Access Point Name) connected device which allows the organization to keep its defenses in place while still allowing data to stream outside of the secure buildings IT infrastructure

Equipment i.e., HVAC is connected to devices on the local network, our state-of-the-art edge gateway is equipped with https TLS encryption, preloaded with Kterio software.
A dedicated Kterio cellular private APN is used to network the our gateways to the Kterio cloud network.

The Kterio APN is connected to the cloud server network using IPsec Site to Site VPN tunnel. Wide internet access to and from this network is blocked. Only Kterio operatives provisioned with Kterio point-to-site VPN can access this network. Traffic routing is a device to the server only, device to device traffic routing is not enabled.

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